How to Unblock any website?

How to Unblock any website?

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OK through out the ages of internet there have been some issues where you ended up being banned from any website and you probably found it that you have been banned from that website for a really stupid thing you did.
such as a bad comment or accidental spamming because your computer has frozen and it created multiple connections to the comment and made you spam all over the website.

It can happen to anyone that's why I have created an online app that redirects your IP address and it will seem to the website that you are completely from a different country and this will help you to access anything because it has an automatic address changer, what that means is that every week it gets a new address so if you get banned on the same IP I created you will still be able to access whatever you want to access.

 Here it is hosted by

I got the idea of the name from a dr pepper advert which seemed really funny so I programmed this app to run online and on that app it will give you directions on how to create your own app with your own name.

 If you have any questions just leave a comment and I will respond.