System Activated Exclusive for Android

System Activated Exclusive for Android

System Activate Level Answers - Android(Apps).

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System Activated has been a great game, however because its limited to Windows mobiles, I have been developing a new version exclusively for Android mobiles.  It will be completely different what we saw in the first release of the Windows app. This release will be quite different as I wanted to explore all capabilities of Android devices. Therefore this will be a lot more simulated than before.

Level 1: In the command box enter "Method=Get" wait to decrypt and press Access.

Level 2: In the command box enter "Method=Post", in the message box enter anything you like and press post and Access.

Level 3: Go online and generate a QR code which contains "System Activated" as a message then scan it.

Level 4: In the command box quickly type "ping" then in the popup text field type byte.decrypt(01010100) then decrypt and Access.

Level 5: Press on Da Vinci's image and type "Apple".

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System Activated