How to make WaW Motion Flex ISO

1. DVD-R+DL 8x 8gb disk 
2.Hard-drive with 8 gigs free space 
3.abgx360 (link at bottom) 
4.wx360 (link at bottom) 
5.ImgBurn (link at bottom) 
6.Motion Flex v1 patch (have to buy) 
7.CoD WaW iso parts (no link) 
Ok so the first step you are going to take is to download the CoD WaW iso parts (there are 7 one gig parts) as you will need these first. What you are going to do is after you download all the files (there are tons of places to download these) you are going to extract the files to your desktop. When you extract the first file it should extract all of the files. It should make on folder called X360CoDWaW. It 

shold look like this-. In this folder there should be 2 files, one is the WaW iso being 7 gigs and the other is and img burn file being a few kilobytes. It should look like this-

[/img]. After you have this file and it has the correct contents, you will need to open up abgx360. This program will check and see if you have a correct rip of the iso. Make sure to copy the settings as i have done in the following pictures-[img][/img][img][/img][img][/img][img]
After you have copied all of my settings open your X360CoDWaW iso file in the program. DO NOT OPEN YOUR IMG BURN FILE! After you have opened the file click Launch. The program will tak 2-3 min to check your iso. Wait patiently. When the program is done it should look like this-

So in other words everything on the page should be green. When you have finished that part you need to open wx360. Again as with abgx360 you need to open your .iso file and not your img burn file. When you open it, it should look like this-
is where you take the common.ff and the code_post_gfx.ff and replace them with the ones in wx360. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! Before you replace any files AT ALL you need to go down to where it says default.xex and EXTRACT IT TO YOUR DESKTOP. We will come back to this file in a minute. After you have extracted that to the desktop you need to replace the default files in wx360 with the files from the Motion Flex v1 file you get upon purchase. When you have replaced both files, you come back to the default.xex in wx360 and replace it with the default.xex that you extracted to your desktop. After you have done all this you are done with wx360 and can exit the program. The next step is to open ImgBurn. This program does the actual burning of the iso disk. You will now need your DVD-R+DL disks at this point in time. You need to have the corretct settings for ImgBurn so go ahead and copy mine from the following picture-
When you open imgburn you click write files to disk and then click tools and go down to settings, then you go over to the write settings and change them to mine. After you have copied my settings go ahead and select the CoD WaW Img file that is in the X360CoDWaW file as the file you want to write to the disk. The final step is to put your disk into your drive and then click the button at the bottom that says write. The actual burning itself will take a while. At some point during to burning the disk tray will open and it will say something to like of "Please close tray to verify disk". Just go ahead and close the disk tray and it will verify the disk. Then you are done! Please thank the topic and try to get it stickied! Hope i helped! DOWNLOAD LINKS- (take out the spaces) abgx360- php wx360- php img burn - php?act=download THANKS!

How to inject Motion flex to Waw Iso

Credits to: zLMFAOz

How to mod Saints Row 3 USB version

Your Saints Row 3 Gamesave on a USB (flash drive)
Horizon Download

1. Move your SR3 gamesave onto a USB (flash drive).

2. Open up Horizon.

3. Go to Games.

4. Go to Saints Row 3, and it should either say AUTOSAVE or something else (if you saved it yourself, it won't say AUTOSAVE).

5. Drag that right on to your desktop and minimize Horizon.

6. Open up the SR3 editor, and click on Open.

7. Find the file you just dragged to your desktop, and click Open.

8. Here, you can change whatever you choose to change, it is up to you.

9. Once you are finished changing everything, click Save. It will automatically Rehash and Resign for you when you click Save.

10. Exit out of SR3 editor and go back to Horizon.

11. Drag your gamesave from your desktop right back into where you clicked it before.

12. When it asks if you want to overwrite it, click Yes.

13. Click OK at the message that pops up, and go ahead and eject your USB (flash drive) from your computer and insert it back into your Xbox 360.

14. Move your gamesave back onto your Hard drive, and you're done!

Credits to: MrImaginous

UFC 3(Undisputed) Modded CAF 226


Play Online at your own risk!

Follow steps:


2.Rehash files and put on xbox




Credits to: KoLdFaCeKiLa
How to mod Waw Zombies Online(Multiplayer)

How to mod Waw Zombies Online(Multiplayer)

1.Start a new solo campaign

2.When you see "Saving" at the top then you save and quit

3.Go to the dash board and go to system settings ~ memory ~ hard drive ~ games ~ Call of Duty: World at War

4.Move your save game to your Usb *Make sure it is configured!!*

5.Put Usb in Computer and open up Modio

6.Open up Usb Xtaf

7.In Usb Xtaf go to File~ Open First Usb Drive ~ Content ~ E00 Folder then keep clicking till you get to the save game

8.Drag the save game to your desktop and then into modio

9.Drag the modded save game next to it

10.Copy and Paste the Device ID and the Profile ID into the modded one

11.Rehash & Resign two times

12.Exit out of Modio and go back into Usb Xtaf

13.Delete you save game and drag the modded one in

14.Put the Usb back into Xbox 360 and move the save game back to the Hard drive

15.Load up WaW abd resume the campaign

16.When you are able to walk then press back/select

17.Get a friend to invite you out of campaign(Do NOT save and quit again)

18.Activate different mods(How to below)

How to activate mods:
Back - Activates Mods & Dvars
- Right Bumber - Noclip
- Left Bumber - God
- Dpad Right - Give All Weapons
- Dpad Down - Drop Weapon
- Dpad Left - Toggle Gravity (High Jump, Super Jump, Increased Jump)
- Dpad Up - Toggle Arcade Mode (100000 Points for Revive)

- Jump Height - 999
- Unilimited Ammo
- Dogs Don't Move
- Zombies Float Up When Dead
- Fast Sprint
- Increased Walk Speed
- Force Host
- Party Starter (Starts your own party, lets you be the first in pre-game lobby.
- All Dev Clantags (RAIN / CYLN / CYCL / MOVE / KRDR / .... / ****)
- Triple Tap (Buy Double Tap First)
- Long Distance Knifing
- Long Distance Reviving
- Text On Screen When Activating Mods
- Fall Damage Minimum Height 9998
- Fall Damage Maximum Height 9999
- Last Stand Time Longer


Save Games -

Credits to: Catch_My_Grenade

How to install a minecraft map

Step 1: Transfer your Xbox live profile to a compatible USB stick
Step 2: Plug your USB into your pc/laptop
Step 3: Open Horizon and Drag my save in to Horizon
Step 4: Change The Profile id , Device id and console id to yours
Step 5: save , Rehash and resign a couple of times
Step 6: Click save to device next to the exit sigh in the top left and save it
Step 7: When it saves , plug your USB back into your xbox
Step 8: (Optional) Move profile back to Hard Drive or keep on USB (Your choice)
Step 9: Start Minecraft , click play game then choose your USB after clicking play
Step 10: Enjoy the worlds , Have some fun And Comment how you think of it after viewing it

Video Tut

credits to Uzi.
How to mod black ops zombies(USB)

How to mod black ops zombies(USB)

1) On Your Xbox 360 Go To Xbox DashBoard > My Xbox > Profile (2nd Box) > Switch Profile > Create Profile.
2)Name Your Profile Anything, Choose any Avatar and Select Save And Exit.
3)Now Play Black Ops and muck around in Zombies for about 20 seconds. Hit The Xbox Guide Button and Select Xbox DashBoard.
4)Go To My Xbox > System Settings. Now Insert your USB. Now go to Memory. If you haven't Configured your USB go to USB Storage Device and configure. Now go to Hard Drive > Gamer Profiles > Select the profile you made > Select Move > Move It To Your USB Storage Device. Now Insert Your USB to your Computer.

5)Open Up Modio Go To Quick Actions and select Explore A Device.
6)Click File > Open/Close Drive and Click Through Content Folder all the way untill u cant click through it anymore. It will be a file with a sheet of white paper as its icon and it will Start with E000 (This Is Your Profile, Everyone has different letters and numbers at the end)
7) Right Click it and click Extract File then go to the desktop tab and click Save.
8) Open Up The Main Screen Of Modio Again (What You Opened Up On STep 5) and Click Open A Save. Go To Your Desktop Tab and select the profile you saved onto your Desktop (E0000)
9)On The Square That Just Popped Up (Your Profile) Go to the File Contents Tab and find 41560855.gpd
10) Right Click it (41560855.gpd) and click Replace File. Go To The Desktop tab again and select the Modded gpd (the one that you downloaded)(Download Links are At The Bottom Of This Tutorial).
11)Go back to that square popup (Your Profile) and go back to the first tab. I think its called General. Now click Rehash and Resign a few times.
12) Exit the square popup (Your Profile) and go back to the Explore A Device Box. If you exited it just repeat step 5 and 6
13) Right click the file (E0000) and click Delete. Now Click the white square part where you just deleted the file and click Insert File. now go to the desktop tab and select the E0000 profile.
14) Now exit out of everything and insert your usb back into your Xbox

15)On Your Xbox Dashboard go to My Xbox > System Settings > Memory > Usb Storage Device > Gamer Profiles > Select the profile thats on there and select move and move it to your Hard Drive.ggl
16)Now take out your USB go back to the xbox dashboard Load up Black Ops play some Solo Zombies and Kick Some Butt!

If You Did Not Understand This Tutorial a Very Detailed Video Of This Will Come Out Very Soon on

- Pressing the back button once will enable all infections and activate instructions set one.
- Right Trigger = Shooting + Give ammo ( Infinite Ammo )

Instructions Set One : Player Modifications :
- Back Button = Toggle Noclip + Give Ammo + Give Freeze gun/Thunder Gun/Death Machine ( Depending on what map youre on )
- DPAD UP = Toggle god mode
- DPAD LEFT = Toggle third person
- DPAD RIGHT = Toggle promod perspectives
- DPAD DOWN = Drop current weapon
- B button = Alien vision toggle ( Have no clue what to call this )
- Left Bumper = Toggle cartoon mode on/off
- Right Stick = Annihiliate all zombies On/Off ( Dont use it to kill the doctor or the game wont go past the round youre on )
- Right Bumper = Changes to instruction set two, the weapon shop

Instruction Set Two : The Weapon Shop :
- Back Button = Changes to instruction set one, player modifications
- B Button = Drop ALL weapons ( Ray gun, M72, Death Machine, Etc, Etc )
- Right Bumper = Toggles Game Speed ( Fast, Slow, Regular )

Infections :
- Fully automatic triple burst and semi automatic weapons
- Smexy bullet trails
- Gun sticks out promod style ( Different from changing the promod perspective )
- Essentially infinite melee range
- Double tap = Godly now ( You have to buy the perk )
- Far away revives
- Infinite ammo
- The chest doesnt move at all no matter how many times you use it
- Faster walking speed
- Zombie bodies fly up after you kill them
- Really really long last stand time like 10+ minutes lol

Modded GPD:


credits to  GameModder846
How to uncorrupt a profile from a banned xbox 360

How to uncorrupt a profile from a banned xbox 360

As you may know once you are banned from Xbox live if you use that banned console to play games and then put your hard drive back into an unbanned console your profile shows as corrupted and you have to recover Gamertag from Xbox Live. In doing this though you lose any achievements you may have obtained on the banned box. I have found a way to un-corrupt the profile without Recovering. 

What you need: 

A Data Transfer Cable for Xbox 360 or disassemble your hard drive. 
CON Flag Remover 

Hash Block Calculator 
Step 1: 

First thing you want to do is get a back-up of your current profile. You can skip this step and go to Step 3 B if you already have achievements on your banned console you wish to transfer to an unbanned. This is also just a precaution and can be skipped if you don't wish to make a back up. 

Either connect your hard drive to your PC through the Data Cable or disassemble the hard drive and connect using normal Sata connections. 

Next open "Xplorer360". Click "Drive>Open>Harddrive or Memory-card". 

Select "Partition 3", then expand "Content" 

Under this will be several folders Starting with "E". These folder names are your profile ID so I can't say for sure they name of yours but if there is only one profile it will be easiest. 

Expand your E folder, "FFFE07D1", then "000100000" 

Now you will see you Profile file 

Drag this file onto your desktop or any where you can find it. 

Step 2. 
Now make a back up just in case. right click on the file you just dragged from the hard drive. Click copy. right click again and click paste. you can then rename this file what ever you want just remember it is the Original. I would suggest just adding ORG or BAK to the end of the file name. 

Step 3. 
A:For use with a previously recovered Gamertag that is not corrupted 
You can now put your Hard drive onto your banned console. I would suggest either just playing a game a or getting an easy achievement to test. Then move on to Step 4. 

B: For those with a still corrupted Gamertag 
If you have a Corrupted Gamertag that you have received addition Achievements you can uncorrupt that gamertag and have it add those achievements to your online Gamerscore. Just remember not to recover your tag from Live unto after you have fixed this original corrupted one. Doing so will prevent you from ever being able to add those achievements to your gamerscore. 

Step 4: 
Once you are ready to move your Profile back to a Unbanned Console hook the hard drive back up to the PC. Repeat steps 1 & 2. This new profile will have all the achievements you just obtained on it. 

Step 5: 
Open "CON Flag Remover" 

Click "Open Profile". Browse for the file you just got in Xplorer360. 
Click "Remove Flags". 
Step 6: 

Open "Xbox 360 Hash Block Calculator" 
Click "File>Open" 
Open the file you just removed CON Flags From 
Click "Tools>Calculate Hash Blocks" 

Step 7: 
Open Xplorer360, open you hard drive. Navigate to where your profile is stored. Drag the file you you have edited onto the Xplorer360 window. Tell it to replace the file if asked. Disconnect hard drive from PC and reconnect to Xbox. 

It may take up to 30 minutes before your new score is seen by friends or on 

This must be done each time hard drive is connected to a banned console. Its a bit of a pain but does make it so you can continue to get achievements on a banned console.

Credits to  NeedHelpPmMe