How to mod Waw Zombies Online(Multiplayer)

1.Start a new solo campaign

2.When you see "Saving" at the top then you save and quit

3.Go to the dash board and go to system settings ~ memory ~ hard drive ~ games ~ Call of Duty: World at War

4.Move your save game to your Usb *Make sure it is configured!!*

5.Put Usb in Computer and open up Modio

6.Open up Usb Xtaf

7.In Usb Xtaf go to File~ Open First Usb Drive ~ Content ~ E00 Folder then keep clicking till you get to the save game

8.Drag the save game to your desktop and then into modio

9.Drag the modded save game next to it

10.Copy and Paste the Device ID and the Profile ID into the modded one

11.Rehash & Resign two times

12.Exit out of Modio and go back into Usb Xtaf

13.Delete you save game and drag the modded one in

14.Put the Usb back into Xbox 360 and move the save game back to the Hard drive

15.Load up WaW abd resume the campaign

16.When you are able to walk then press back/select

17.Get a friend to invite you out of campaign(Do NOT save and quit again)

18.Activate different mods(How to below)

How to activate mods:
Back - Activates Mods & Dvars
- Right Bumber - Noclip
- Left Bumber - God
- Dpad Right - Give All Weapons
- Dpad Down - Drop Weapon
- Dpad Left - Toggle Gravity (High Jump, Super Jump, Increased Jump)
- Dpad Up - Toggle Arcade Mode (100000 Points for Revive)

- Jump Height - 999
- Unilimited Ammo
- Dogs Don't Move
- Zombies Float Up When Dead
- Fast Sprint
- Increased Walk Speed
- Force Host
- Party Starter (Starts your own party, lets you be the first in pre-game lobby.
- All Dev Clantags (RAIN / CYLN / CYCL / MOVE / KRDR / .... / ****)
- Triple Tap (Buy Double Tap First)
- Long Distance Knifing
- Long Distance Reviving
- Text On Screen When Activating Mods
- Fall Damage Minimum Height 9998
- Fall Damage Maximum Height 9999
- Last Stand Time Longer


Save Games -

Credits to: Catch_My_Grenade

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