How to install a minecraft map

Step 1: Transfer your Xbox live profile to a compatible USB stick
Step 2: Plug your USB into your pc/laptop
Step 3: Open Horizon and Drag my save in to Horizon
Step 4: Change The Profile id , Device id and console id to yours
Step 5: save , Rehash and resign a couple of times
Step 6: Click save to device next to the exit sigh in the top left and save it
Step 7: When it saves , plug your USB back into your xbox
Step 8: (Optional) Move profile back to Hard Drive or keep on USB (Your choice)
Step 9: Start Minecraft , click play game then choose your USB after clicking play
Step 10: Enjoy the worlds , Have some fun And Comment how you think of it after viewing it

Video Tut

credits to Uzi.

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