Black Ops Rezurrection map pack download free Non Jtag

So you came here looking for a free map.
Well this is how you do it.
Download any of the map packs
from here.

(this next paragraph is optional
If you do not currently own this game you can also download it for free but you need either a transfer cable or a usb atleast 8gb
Download everything including Black ops(the game itself over 6gb and all the map packs until rezurrection)
from here. : Password : daonw8Awa7

Whichever one you choose to download they all have everything included (profile + DLC)
I am sure if you looking for non jtag content you know how to do the profile glitch.
Well just in case you don't.
Check this out.

Or This

The same principal with Rezurrection just use that instead of ascension.

If you have any questions or any requests such as different games and DLC just leave a comment.
Good luck modding from the modsforxbox team.

How To Flash Any Xbox 360 step by step

Ok Today I will be teaching you how to flash an xbox 360 it does not matter what version you have but it does matter which console you have for example benq, samsunf,hitachi and so on.

Things you will need:
Jungle Flasher - Latest version 
JungleFlasher 0.1.92(304) 
iXtreme LT+ 3.0  - Latest Version Download
Compatible SATA chipset (or if not compatable you need a via 6421 chipset)
SATA cable
PortIO installed (requires 32bit Operating System)
.Net Framework 2.0 or higher
PROBE - buy here
your xbox 360
USB to serial converter if you pc has no serial port
System Dashboard Update Download
Watch the video or go here for a written guide

1) Flash to stock firmware
Update dash to 13146 via USB or CD 

Use Dummy.bin as source
Use LT+3.0 as target
Click spoof source to target (notice key is copied to target)

7) Proceed with July 19th 2011 System Update (2.0.13599)

Also the latest Firmware up to date is LT+ 3.0 Download Here, which has an anti AP26 protection. meaning the games with AP26(Anti-Piracy) Will work offline as well as online. Good luck.