Be the first to land safely on the ground but be careful, if you deploy too early other players could reach the ground before you, deploy too late and your parachute wont open in time.

Simple game with the opportunity to master the gravity mechanics and become the number one player in the world.

How to play: Easy, wait for the timer (Watch out its random) tap to jump before the others then tap again once you think you can deploy your parachute safelly and win the round.


The leaderboard is made up of every player around the world, the goal is to try and get to the top 10 spot to win in game prices at the end of every week. The leaderboard counter will reset each week.


Currency can be used in several ways, you can either use it to purchase various player skins and animations or you can use it to buy additional leaderboard points to raise your rank even faster.

How to play?

1. Wait for the countdown to finnish.

2. As soon as you see "GO" tap the screen to jump.

3. As you fall notice how high your opponents are

4. When you near the ground quickly tap to deploy the parachute and land safely.

Dont get too close though or the parachute will fail to deploy.