XexMenu Xbox 360: HOW TO?

Note in order for this to work your xbox must be jtagged otherwise when you will try to run the xex menu you will not be getting anything except an error.

What is a JTAG Xbox 360?

Looks fun but its not that cheap to get. First your xbox that you currently own might not be suitable for jtagging. The best method is to sell your xbox that is not jtagged and check out the ones on ebay or amazon and their are a lot of types such as xenon which is quite known. Atleast that is what I did to get a JTAG.

Now the next part is installing the xexmenu which is the main control center of your JTAG their are a lot of custom dashboards created and they look pretty cool and of course it allows you to play back ups of a Hard drive or an external drive as well as patching the games it self, ever wonder how a new call of duty series came out and already there was 1 or 2 10th prestiges or in black ops case 15th well I was one of them and thats how I done it using patches to create a lobby which infects me with the mods and then allows me to invite others to it and make them 15th prestige players, also the great part you can charge people you don't know and make your JTAG profitable.

How to install xexmenu:

things you will need
jtagged xbox 360
USB xplorer
USB flash drive/stick

step 1 put flash drive in Xbox will not work if u don't
step 2 turn on Xbox
step 3 go to my Xbox
step 4 go to system settings
step 5 click memory
step 6 click configure do not click custom
step 7 go to your computer
step 8 open winrar
step 9 find xexmenu
step 10 click xexmenu
step 11 open xexmenu live
step 12 extract xexmenu live
step 13 click window that says code999
step 14 move code9999 to desktop
step 15 open uUSB xplorer
step 16 click file
step 17 click your USB flash drive
step 18 click the folder content or make folder content
step 19 click make a folder
step 20 name the folder 0000000000000000, 16 0
step 21 click folder 0000000000000000
step 22 click inject folder
step 23 find code9999
step 24 click move code9999
step 25 inject code9999 wit 0000000000000000
step 26 remove USB flash drive/stick
step 27 put flash drive in Xbox
step 28 turn on Xbox
step 29 go to game library
step 30 go to xexmenu 1.1
step 31 open xexmenu 1.1

Good luck you can also post your jtags here wheather your selling them or wishing to buy.

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