How to get xbox live for free

This is my guide on how to get Xbox live gold membership cards for free and in this topic I will be talking about 1 month cards and 3 month cards.

Now the reason I am not doing 12 months is because if you think about it a lot can happen in a year, your account might get banned, you might want to sell it either way this is for 1 month and 3 months.
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Now how do you get them for free?

First let me tell you how long it took me until I got 3 months Xbox live card, firstly I really needed Xbox live plus with all the new features that came out recently, you just need it so I set my self a goal that in one day I will get  a free xbox live membership and that's what happened the next day I woke up and started looking for a way to get that membership and now I have 3 months of gold plus a lot of other great stuff.
The best part is you only need to do a couple of surveys which are worth 100 points, so think about it when you join my team you get 250 points as a bonus for joining my team, next each survey is about 100 points so in a day you could easily get yourself a 3 month card and what does that take a days of work for 3 months of online fun.

If you want to get the free xbox live cards 1 month or 3 of course 1 month takes an hour or less.

How it works

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