Rantube Android

What is Rantube?

So the number one problem I have with Youtube is the fact that it contains advertisement almost every video and that it is not efficient in allowing users to go to the next video.

So what I have done is developed an Android application that allows users to simply swipe to the next video. Its all random and there is no algorithms for watching the same video again. Imagine Tinder, its like that but with Youtube videos.

I enjoy watching Youtube videos, yet sometimes it becomes very enoying to scroll through all the content just to choose what I want to watch next. With this app I have implemented a feature which allows you to swipe to the next page which will automatically provide you with a video chosen from many playlists at random.

This way you can watch for hours an be entertained, not worrying about choosing something as you can easily swipe left to select different content.

This is the number one feature that I felt Youtube(Google) lacked and it was very annoying for me so I created something for myself and released it online in case anyone else felt the same way.

If you have any issues with this application just leave a comment and I will be able to fix the issue within hours. I choose user feedback over anything else. So let me know if you have any issues.

You can download the Android app here. IOS version is not available yet.

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