Call of Duty Package

Call of duty games have been a major success since its very efficient in how it works and its also very strategic so it make the game fun, but since the firs call of duty series has come out so did some hackers showed up. I will be teaching you how to mod the games all the way from call of duty 4 modern warfare to Black Ops and of course when bigger releases will be made.

so first lets start with the savegame
a savegame is something that will let you play and save the game at the same time it will let you mod it as well.
this will teach you how to play zombies as a god without being killed and with every gun.

Black Ops Savegame& GPD moding Zombie Gameplay
you must delete black ops update tu3 from the cache wich is on the hard drive

Video HD tutorial

Controls For zombies mods

GPD Mega Zombies - Call of duty black ops

{back button} 
god mode 
unlimited ammo 
really big clips 
insta reload with slight of hand 
tripple tap 
far revive 
fast run 
auto m16/g11 
box is unmovable 
unlimited sprint 

noclip toggel on/off 

{dpad up} 
This is for Kino! 
Thunder gun and upgraded pistols 

{dpad down} 
This is for Five! 
Give weapon frost gun and ray gun upgraded 

{dpad left} 
Change map to "Kino der toten" 

{dpad right} 
Change map to "five"

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