Unlimited Xbox live 1 month Trials

This is not 100% chance that it will work now but about a couple of months ago I used to use this method and had over 10 accounts from this method, so if you have spear time and in need of xbl.
Then Try This.

first this is what you need:
 Flash Drive (1 GB or higher)
Email For Each Account
Xbox 360

Step 1: Plug in Your USB flash Drive

Step 2: Take Out Your Hard drive Just in Case

Step 3: Create A offline Account On The Flash Drive.

Step 4: Click Join Xbox Live On The Guide Button.

Step 5: If it asks You if You Have a Windows Live ID, Say No ( unless Your Email You are Going To Use is Hotmail, Then You already Have One) and Create A new One With the Email you are using.

Step 6: When The Gold Subscriptions Pop Up , Click That You Do Not Want Gold, It Should Pop Up That You are eligible For A Free One Month Of Gold, Accept It.

Step 7: Once You've Made the Account , Plug In Your Hard Drive.

Step 8: Go To Your Memory And Transfer The Account To Your Hard Drive.
Now you can have as many Gold accounts as you want Very Happy

You Will Need Xbox live in case you are waiting for gears of war 3 beta that will come out in about 2 weeks.
So make sure you try this method if it does not work I will try to come up with new ones. Come back and check whats new tomorrow.

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