Runescape AutoPilot

This is a runescape Autopilot. and what it does is that it will automatically gather wood and it will increase your fighting skills as well as what it finds it automatically takes to the bank and than goes out to find more items.

Leaving this overnight will potentially increase up to 20-30 levels a day if you are a beginner it will increase those levels withing one hour.

Use it Wisely.


  • Autominer                                                      Watch In Action
  • AutoHunter                                                    Watch In Action
  • AutoFisher                                                     Watch In Action
  • AutoFighter                                                    Watch In Action
  • AutoWoodcutter                                            Watch In Action
  • AutoRunecrafter                                            Watch In Action
  • AutoDungeoneering                                      Watch In Action
  • AutoFiremaker                                               Watch In Action
  • AutoFletcher                                                  Watch In Action
  • AutoFarmer                                                   Watch In Action
  • AutoCooker                                                   Watch In Action
  • AutoThiever                                                   Watch In Action
  • AutoConstruction 
  • AutoAgility 
  • AutoGildedAltar 
  • AutoEctofuntus 
  • AutoSlayer 
  • AutoCrafter 
  • AutoLRK 
  • AutoFrostDragons 
  • AutoBDK 
  • AutoGDK 
  • AutoDragonScale 
  • AutoZombies 
  • AutoWaterfiends 
  • AutoAviansies 
  • AutoGoats 
  • AutoCrabber 
  • AutoDagannoth 
  • AutoSoulWars 
  • AutoStealingCreation 
  • AutoPuro 
  • AutoHardwoodGrove 
  • AutoWarriorsGuild 
  • AutoSpriteHunter 
  • AutoRangingGuild 
  • AutoMTA Pro
  • AutoSorcGarden 
  • AutoArtisanWorkshop 
  • AutoLividFarmer 
  • AutoPlunder 
  • AutoPestControl 
  • AutoTrawler 
  • AutoTzHaarCaves 
  • AutoVinesweeper 
  • AutoButterflies 
  • AutoSuperHeat 
  • AutoBoltEnchanter 
  • AutoJewelry 
  • AutoSummerPies 
  • AutoPotatoCacti 
  • AutoPotatoes 
  • AutoSnapeGrass 
  • AutoFlaxer 
  • AutoOrbs 
  • AutoPlanker 
  • AutoFruits 
  • AutoTanner 
  • AutoSwampToads 
  • AutoThievingGuild 
  • AutoAlcher 
  • AutoStunner 
  • AutoSmither 
  • AutoSmelter 
  • AutoSummoner 
  • AutoHerblore 
  • AutoLeapingFish 
  • AutoTutorial 

Updated 29/07/2011 with a new version
Due to spamming and making sure this runescape bot(rsbot) does not get banned this file is uploaded to sharecash.
Also it requires
Download Here
You to have the latest Java update, that can be downloaded at javas official site.

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14 July 2011 at 15:25 delete

Thanks it worked can it get patched? because I am going to upgrade all the skill with it and sell it.

14 July 2011 at 15:30 delete

I dont think anytime soon but just incase Im working on the updates already

19 July 2011 at 21:48 delete

This is going to be a stupid question, but what percent is the risk of getting banned by using this? And if you get banned, is there anyway to unban yourself for using it?

29 July 2011 at 07:25 delete

Would it be possible to make something that could just automaticly run you to different places? For example I go to get a drink and by the time I get back, I want to be in a different city.

29 July 2011 at 08:46 delete

yes it is possible I made one before but it got deleted due to formatting my computer but when Ill get back from holiday I will make another one and upload it here.

29 July 2011 at 08:59 delete

As of today the new version of the rsbot has been released.