Skyrim Leveling Up tips

Character Advancement

Leveling Advice

Tactically Level Up during a particularly frightening combat, as shown.
As your skills increase, you gradually make progress towards gaining a level.

There are several aspects of this process worth taking a closer look at:
Improve what you use:

The Skills you use will improve naturally as you use them.
There is no need to go out of your way to improve a skill you never plan to use; this doesn’t level your character any faster, and won’t make your character any stronger or more effective.

Use what you improve: When selecting perks, be sure you’re ready to take full advantage of them.
For example, don’t purchase Adept-level Magic Perks until you have Adept-level spells to cast.

Don’t take Enchanting Perks unless you’re planning on Enchanting something in the immediate future.
Patience and Perks: If you aren’t sure which perk to choose when you Level up, or find yourself a few Skill points away from a perk you really want, it is usually better to save the choice for later.

This gives you more flexibility and allows you to change your mind. Remember, once you select a perk, you can’t take it back!
Tactical Leveling: Leveling up fully restores your Health, Magicka, and Stamina.

This can literally save your life if you find yourself bereft of potions during a difficult battle.
For example, if you gain a level while exploring a dungeon, you may want to wait and level up during the final (or most difficult) fight.

Conversely, there’s no point in hoarding Levels; once you begin leveling up, you must claim all of the levels you’ve earned.

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