Skyrim Trainers Part 3


There is no Journeyman Trainer for this Skill.
Expert Trainer: Majhad of the Khajiit Caravans.
Master Trainer: Vex, of The Thieves Guild, in Riften.


Journeyman Trainer: Ahkari, of the Khajiit Caravans.
Expert Trainer: Silda the Unseen, of Windhelm.
Master Trainer: Vipir, of The Thieves Guild, of Riften.


Journeyman Trainer #1: Dro’marash of the Khajiit Caravans.
Journeyman Trainer #2: Revyn Sadri of Windhelm.
Expert Trainer: Ogmund the Skald, of Markarth.
Master Trainer: Geraud Gemaine, of The Bards College in Solitude.
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