black ops 15th Prestige mod

The Latest Mod so far to be tested was of course for jtags and even some could not get it to work but I have a couple of Ideas I will be creating a program similar to horizon that will allow to drag and drop a gpd similar folder its kind of the same as Iso modding but this should bypass the tu3 update which destroyed our lives when it blocked us from modding anything online.

Dont worry people I am still working on it

These are the latest to subpass the tu3 update but they get patched so the process needs to be restarted every time.
And in about 2 hours I will be posting how to get MW2 hacks and mods and also how to get the game for free and you dont need a hacked xbox in anyway for that so come back in an hour or so.

Download this gpd its to host your very own lobby and to invite others instructions are inside


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