Skyrim Tips and Hints for Xbox 360

So as we know a new game has came out "Skyrim" and believe it or not it has sold over 6 million copies in the first week.
Now what is "Skyrim" its an extension of a game called "Oblivion" which also had a lot of fans, the game was great and so "Skyrim" took that game and made it even better, of course it has a few flaws but all games do.

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So I will start with the most basic ones:
If you are new to this game its good that you know this, you can use something called fast travel in order to get to the locations you want but the twist is you have to discover them first otherwise you will be prompted with a message "You have not discovered this place would you like to place a marker" I know that most oblivion players know this but I know some gamers that just started playing this game and found this helpfull.

Moving on now although this game is fun and addictive sometimes you can get really pissed of why? well imagine you are walking for about 20 minutes (I am sure that happened to you at some point) and suddenly something attacks you either the bandits or the giants or anything else that you can't defend against and you have you last save set back in the city, so what happens when your killed? you return back to your last save, so my biggest tip would be as soon as you notice you have been playing for a long time save the game or just before going into a battle make sure you save, trust me it will save you a lot of time.

So now that we have covered the basics lets move on to battles, most creatures in Skyrim are dumb except for the human ones but they will not try to kill you unless you try to kill them or steal from them, so the biggest problem I used to have in this game was the giants not the wolves or spiders since they are very easy to kill.
How do you kill giants in Skyrim?
My answer would be (also that is the way I killed 5 of them easily) making sure they follow you most of the times giants are only on the mountains or near them so you will come across them don't worry unless you know their language or want to avoid them you will have to fight somehow, the way I killed them was getting them to follow me next to a river then you got to remember that they are stupid so they will loose the point of  trying to kill you after a while so what I do is getting a bow and just shooting at them as many times as possible and getting my follower to shoot at him, after a while he will try to walk away so just come out of the river and he will chase you again do this until you kill him.
One more method that seemed to work was climbing high on the mountain and of course giants can't climb steep hills they will just be standing there.(Using these methods I killed about 5 giants so far and they have some rewarding items so don't forget to search them and make sure you save before starting a fight with them)

My next opponent and everyone else have or will battle many of them, they can either be quest based or just randomly appearing in the sky which than gives you a chance to kill them if you don't know what I am talking about well dragons.
How do you kill a dragon in Skyrim?
Dragons are neither dumb or clever but they will get you if you just stand there and try to axe them you will come across them well even from level 1, because you will start as a prisoner and that run away because a dragon attacks that city.
Dragons are not hard to kill I have killed about 5 now and I am level 12 in the game, you will meet your first dragon of course at the start of the game but you don't try to kill him, than you will meet another dragon by the tower at level 3-5 in between them, you and a small group of warriors will try to kill him and if you think you can just go and attack the dragon with your sword than you are very mistaken because they can breathe fire which will kill you, the most effective way to kill them well the way I did was by using arrows and magicka which was fire.
As the dragon is in the air flying use your bow and arrows to give him some damage and when he lands (and he will) just use you fire magicka to burn him, but don't be standing in the same place try to move around so that he does not kill you.
After a couple of minutes of doing so you will eventually kill him and then you will absorb powers from him which people will than start calling you dragonborn as you go kill more of them you will receive stronger and better powers.

Now what I explained this was just 1% of what and how you can do in the game if you want 100% details of
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